Let's enjoy our Japanese cuisine


Our company business serves the richness of heart and health of mankind.
We love our neighbours, our society, our company, and pursue happiness relentlessly.


Taking the Needs of Times in Advance and Casting a New Light on Japan’s Food Service Industry.

Daisyo Corporation is currently expanding its restaurant chains nationwide. Our main Japanese restaurants include “Syoya”, “Yaruki Chaya” and “Nihonkai Syoya”. Our business started out as a small humble yakitori store (Japanese grilled chicken store) that is only 20 square meters wide in 1968. In the process of expanding our business, we established our founding spirit as “valuing customer relationship, handmade, health, safety and security”.

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※1 You are required to fill in your telephone number or email address. The information provided is required for contact purposes.
The personal information we received is only for the purpose of responding to inquiries and feedback by customers. We do not use the information collected for any purposes other than the ones stated above. In addition, it may take a few days to receive our response.
Please do note that in some cases we may not be able to respond to all the inquiries and feedback received.

Our Privacy Policy

All personal information collected from customers at Daisyo is handled according to the following policies.

  • 1. Purpose of Information Collection

    We only collect the minimal required information from our customers. We use the information that our customers provide for purposes such as user identifications, advertisements of new shops and services and etc.

  • 2. Types of Information Collected

    The information we collect from our customers consists of names, phone numbers, cellphone numbers, email addresses and etc.

  • 3. Method of Information Collection

    All personal information provided by our customers through input on a computer is encrypted using the standard SSL encryption method on customer’s side before it is sent to our servers.

  • 4. Usage and Sharing of Collected Information

    We do not in any way use or share to other entities personal information that can result in identification of specific individuals, other than the following cases stated.

    1. Consent from the specific customer(s) is obtained regarding the use of such information.
    2. Requests from legal entities to use such information for legal purposes.
    3. In cases where such information is considered crucial to the benefit of customers or for the good of public.
  • 5. Management of Collected Information

    We take appropriate measures to ensure that all information collected is accurate and up to date. We strive to prevent any unauthorized access and other unlawful act to come to harm to information collected from our customers.

  • 6. Request of Disclosure, Correction and Cease and Desist from Customers

    (Disclosure, Correction)
    In case of request of disclosure of personal information from customers, unless with special reasons, we require identification of claimant before we proceed to disclose such information. Please refer to the inquiries stated below for request of information disclosure or correction of information. In addition, in cases where we identified inaccurate information, we may request customers to provide us with the necessary details.
    (Cease and Desist)
    Customers who choose to opt out of our services such as email ads, mail and etc can contacts us through the inquiry stated below. We will stop all services as requested.

  • 7. Inquiries

    Daisyo Corporation, Public Relations Office