In accordance with our philosophy of “Serving the richness of heart and health of mankind”, we put effort into contributing to society.For a richer society. For a better future.


◆History of Social Contributions (Excerpt)


Provided financial aid after the eruption of Miharayama at Oshima, Tokyo



In light of the Great Hanshin earthquake, donations collected by Syoya Group were contributed to “Yomiuri Light and Humanity Association”.




A part of the sale from “Daikansha-sai” held by the Group in August were contributed to the Japanese Red Cross. In response, Syoya Group was awarded a gold medal by the Japanese Red Cross.

The medal was given directly by the empress of Japan to Mr. Taira Director and Senior Advisor.



The act of contributions is recognized, and a Medal with Dark Blue Ribbon was awarded by Prime Minister Obuchi Keizo.CSR画像



Provided support such as initial humanitarian assistance, supply of goods, distribution of boiled rice and etc, in light of the Great East Japan Earthquake.



Certificate of gratitude was presented by the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan for act contributions to the relief of victims of Great East Japan Earthquake.



2012 ~Started continual reconstruction support efforts of disaster areas.CSR09_復興支援活動



Provided support for “Donation for Izu Oshima Island Typhoon No.26 Disaster Relief”.



Contributed to the security efforts during the visit of President the United States of America, President Obama, to Japan. Certificate of appreciation was presented by Metropolitan Police Department.