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 Taking the needs of times in advance and

Casting a New Light on Japan’s Food Service Industry

 Daisyo Corporation is currently expanding its restaurant chains nationwide. Our main Japanese restaurants include “Syoya”, “Yaruki Chaya” and “Nihonkai Syoya”. Our business started out as a small humble yakitori store (Japanese grilled chicken store) that is only 20 square meters wide in 1968. In the process of expanding our business, we established our founding spirit as “valuing customer relationship, handmade, health, safety and security”. In realizing this spirit, our company created unique, original systems such as the “Procurement of Safe and Traceable Food Ingredients”, “In-house Agency Food Hygiene Inspection”, “Daily Delivery by Company Groups” and many more. In this age where central kitchen is the norm we highly value food prepared by hand.

However, the food service industry is constantly changing and our company will no doubt face new challenges. In order for us to shine in this era of change, we need a spirit of challenge. Only by staying a step ahead of time while staying true to our traditions that we can evolve and move forward to the next level. For example, our company have a lot of brand-name stores, but if we were to just chase after the latest trends, we would end up losing our originality. We plan to strengthen and enrich our brand portfolios and expand into new market niches. By arming ourselves with a strong brand portfolio of distinctive characteristics, we expect to expand into new business territories in the future. For this purpose we are pushing forward with courage and without fear of failure.

A company is destined to strive in a competition. Nevertheless, the survival of a company should be the outcome of honest business practices. Hence, we will continue to conduct our business with an altruistic heart while maintaining honest business conduct. In doing so, we aim to realize our corporate philosophy of “Serving the Richness of Heart and Health of Mankind” and become “The Kitchen of Japan”.




Daisyo Corporation President

Kazutoshi TAIRA





Our company business serves the richness of heart and health of mankind.
We love our neighbours, our society, our company, and pursue happiness relentlessly.